Water/Sewer/Waste/Cable/Electric/Natural Gas

Before you dig, call:

Water/Sewer/Vector Control/Street Lights/Recycling
8:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays: (701) 642-6565
24 hour emergency service: (701) 642-7777

Water Rates:
1st 2,000: $33.10 (minimum)   
Over 2,000 gal: $4.46 per 1,000

Sewer Rates:
1st 2,000: $23.22                                                                                                                                      
Over 2,000: $3.76 per 1,000
Residential units will max out at 20,000 gallons - maximum. Non-residential units (no maximum).
No maximum sewer use charged for commercial & apartment units; commercial apartment unit is charged per unit.
Example - apt w/4 units will be charged $23.22 x 4

Street Lights:
Residential: $5.15 per account
Residential/Apt: $15.00 per account
Commercial: $15.00 per account

$100 fee to reconnect for water                                                                                                    
$100 rental deposit for water subject to landlord's decision
$25 NSF fee

Waste-reduction fees:

Residential - $1.33

Commercial - $5.30

Yard waste (grass, leaves) for city of Wahpeton residents only an be hauled to disposal site at 23rd Avenue N (across from Primewood), Waste Management, or put in your garbage receptacle.

Residential Waste Collection
Waste Management

Company that provides resident to triplex waste services to Wahpeton. 
(701) 642-8797 - 1016 11th Ave. S.
Non-Recyclables--every other week (32 gallon). Call Waste Management at 642-8797 for schedule. Rates change each July.
Rates:  Qualified Senior Citizens    $17.05/month
              Single Family Homes        $19.82/month for 32 gallons
              * additional                       $3.58/month for 64 gallons billed yearly by Waste Management
                                                        $4.34/month for 96 gallons billed yearly by Waste Management
              Duplex Homes                  $37.61/month
              Triplex Homes                  $56.39/month
*Call Waste Management for larger containers and for the fees as they bill for size upgrades.

*Waste Management bills residences yearly for the additional cost for containers larger than 32 gallons. 
Commercial businesses can use any of the garbage haulers licensed in the City of Wahpeton.           Call 642-6565 for info.

Residents may haul excess refuse to transfer station at 1016 11th Ave S for a nominal fee.
Brush/trees--Haul to City Incinerator site at 23rd Ave N across from Primewood (Only for City of Wahpeton residents not for those residing outside of the city limits).
Contact (701) 642-6565 for details

Utility Contacts
City of Wahpeton Water/Sewer: (701) 642-6565
Permit to work in the Right-of-Way are required. This includes boulevards. Call (701) 642-6565 or email joshm@Wahpeton.com
Electricity: (701) 642-6684, Otter Tail Power, 2111 15th Street North                             
Gas: (877) 267-4764, Great Plains Natural Gas
Cable TV: Midcontinent Communications, (701) 642-9033
HughesNet Internet: http://www.hughesnetinternet.net/local/North-Dakota/
Exede Satellite Internet ( www.exede.com ) Exede is the leading satellite internet provider. Satellite is a great option for people without cable internet wiring.
Internet Service Providers, LLC : http://www.internetproviders.com/local/
Home Security Provider: Protection 1 website: http://security.protection1.com/
ADT Security:  http://www.adtsecurity.com/adt-prices-and-packages/

Vivint Security: https://vivint.security/

Water Treatment Plant
7550 Red River Road: (701) 642-9482

Waste/Yard & Tree Disposal

Residential Waste Collection
Waste Management—Company that provides residential waste services to Wahpeton.  (701) 642-8797 - 1016 11th Avenue South, Wahpeton ND.
Non-Recyclables—once per week (32 gallon)                      

Recyclables—picked up every other week as part of garbage fee with Waste Management.

Yard Waste (grass, leaves) must be hauled to Waste Management for a fee or put in your regular garbage receptacle.
Residents may haul excess refuse to transfer station at 1016 11th Avenue South, Wahpeton.  Call Waste Management at 642-8797

Dumpsters have been set up at tree disposal site off 9th Street North for grass, leaves and yard clippings.  No bags allowed!

Commercial collections vary per needs with their contractor.

Brush/trees—Haul to tree disposal site at 9th Street North (across from Primeboard).  No furniture, demolition, or other debris is allowed.


Revised Collection Schedule effective June 1, 2018 click here



Public Works Contact Information

Public Works Department

Office: 1900 4th St N, Wahpeton ND 58075

Phone (701) 642-6565                      Fax (701) 642-1428

Dennis Miranowski, Public Works Director

email:  dennism@wahpeton.com

(701) 642-6565

Kyle Rogahn, PE & Engineering Project Manager

(701) 642-6565

email: kyler@wahpeton.com

Steven Fehr, Public Works Superintendent

email: stevef@wahpeton.com

(701) 642-6565

Leo Murr, Water Plant Superintendent

email: leom@wahpeton.com

(701) 642-9482

Donald Wald, Sewer Foreman

email: donw@wahpeton.com

(701) 642-6565

DeVyn Johannessen, Public Utilities

email:  devyj@wahpeton.com

(701) 642-6565