Mayor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

Organization’s goals:
  • Inform and educate the public regarding the employment potential of individuals with disabilities
  • Work to reduce employers' reluctance in hiring individuals with disabilities by reducing stereotypes
  • Assist businesses in eliminating structural barriers to ensure access for all customers and employees
  • Educate young people using the Kids on the Block puppets about different disabilities
  • Provide area employers with funds needed to make accommodations that would enable them to employ or retain employees with disabilities

Dollars available to help local businesses:
Our committee has funds available to assist local employers in purchasing items or equipment that would make a work site accessible for a potential employee or a current employee.  An application form can be obtained by contacting the chair or secretary.  These funds are only available to businesses within the Wahpeton city limits.

Purchase of educational resources that pertain to disability issues:
Our committee has funds available to purchase educational information such as brochures,dvd's, books, etc., that would promote the hiring of individuals with disabilities. If your company has a need for this type of information please contact one of these organizations: Freedom Resource Center (701) 672-1648 or Job Service North Dakota (701) 671-1550.

"Disability….the one minority that anyone can join at any time, as a result of a sudden automobile accident, a fall down a flight of stairs, cancer or disease." Joseph P. Shapiro