Animal Ordinance / Pet Licenses

9-102 License and Registration Required – Kennel License Fee

All dogs and cats over the age of 90 days kept or maintained by their owners in the City shall be license on or before the first day of March of each calendar year. Dog and cat licenses shall be issued by personnel at the Dakota Veterinary Clinic upon payment of an annual license fee. A license shall not be issued unless proof is presented that the dog or cat has been inoculated against rabies within twenty-four (24) months preceding the application.

Each person, group, association, or corporation engaged in the commercial business of buying, selling, breeding, or boarding dogs and cats who owns or keeps five or more dogs or cats in a kennel at any one time during the year shall pay an annual kennel license fee to be established by the City Council by resolution. The annual Kennel License Fee is currently $100.00.


9-104 Animals must have collar with Rabies Tag and License Tag Attached

Upon payment of the license fee there shall be issued to the owner a metallic tag for each dog/cat so license and a receipt. The tag shall be numbered from one (1) up consecutively and shall have stamped thereon the year it was issued and shall be valid for one (1) year. Each owner shall be required to provide each dog or cat with a collar to which the license tag must be affixed. Collars and tags must be constantly worn. Tags shall not be transferable from one animal to another and no refunds shall be made on any licnse fee because of death of the animal or the owner’s leaving the City before expiration of the license period. The metal rabies’inoculation tag shall also be kept affixed to the collar of dogs and cats at all times.

9-106 Running at Large Prohibited – Vicious Animals – Rabies

A. Every person having the custody or control of any dog or cat shall prevent said animal from leaving the property limits of its owner or keeper without being effectively restrained by a chain or leash not exceeding six (6) feet in length, or, within a vehicle being driven or parked on the street. In the event any such dog or cat is found at large, the owner, custodian or keeper of such animal shall be guilty of a violation of this section.

B. Every person having custody or control of a leashed animal on property other than his own shall collect said animal’s solid waste when eliminated.

D. Every person having custody or control of a dog shall prevent said dog, whether or not on the property of its owner or custodian, from, without provocation, molesting, attacking, or otherwise interfering with the freedom of movement or persons in a public right-of-way.


9-114  Prohibiting Barking Annoying Dogs


No person, owner, or keeper may harbor or maintain at any place within the limits of the City of Wahpeton, any dog or dogs which shall run out and bark at any person, horse, or other passing object upon or along any street, highway, or other public grounds within the limits of said City, or which by its barking, howling, whining, or other disagreeable noises by it or them during the day or night time, disturb the people in the locality where owned, kept or maintained.


9-115 Accumulation of Animal Excrement

No person occupying any premises within the City of Wahpeton shall permit the accumulation of animal excrement on the premises, or on any other premises.