Wahpeton City Attorney Office

Brittany L. Hatting, City Attorney


Contacting the City Attorney:

The Wahpeton City Attorney's office is located at 610 2nd Avenue North, Wahpeton, ND 58075, or PO Box 275, Wahpeton, ND 58074-0275.

You may call the City Attorney's office at (701) 642-8055. The fax number is (701) 642-1449. Office hours are 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Duties and Responsibilities

The office of the City Attorney is responsible for  all the city's legal business. As such, the City Attorney  serves as the legal advisor and representative for the City of Wahpeton. The City Attorney is the attorney for city officials and employees (for legal actions taken in the course of their public duties) and city departments.

The City Attorney prosecutes all infractions and Class B misdemeanors occuring within the City of Wahpeton brought in Municipal Court. The City Attorney does not prosecute felony cases. The Richland County State's Attorney prosecutes all felony cases occuring anywhere within Richland County.

The City Attorney's office is charged with the duty to prosecute all violations of city ordinances that occur within the City of Wahpeton, but the City Attorney's office does not investigate criminal cases. The City Attorney's office relies on the investigatory resources of the Wahpeton Police Department. If you wish to report a crime, please contact the Wahpeton Police Department at (701) 642-7722.

Purposes and Goals:

The Wahpeton City Attorney’s office constantly seeks to promote and serve the City of Wahpeton’s interests in a professional and ethical manner by:

  • Placing an emphasis on excellence and professional development.
  • Constantly maintaining highly professional and effective legal services through regular communication with the City’s elected and appointed officials.
  • Handling the City’s legal needs promptly, efficiently, and effectively.

Function and Duties:

The City Attorney furnishes oral and written opinions when requested on all questions submitted to him by a member of the city council or head of a city department.

The City Attorney’s office provides day-to-day professional legal advice, representation, guidance, and counsel to the mayor and city council, all city officials, and department heads. In order to provide these services in the most efficient manner, the City Attorney or Assistant City Attorney attends all city council meetings and, when necessary, meetings of various committees and boards.

The City Attorney drafts all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, leases, advisory opinions, and any other legal documents required by the city. The City Attorney processes any claims brought against the city and its officers and employees as well as represents the city and its officers before judicial and administrative agencies in all civil litigation proceedings.

Appointment and Tenure of the City Attorney:

The City Attorney is appointed by the mayor with the approval of the Wahpeton City Council and holds office until the office is discontinued or until resignation, disability, death, or retirement unless removed for cause by a majority vote of all council members.


North Dakota State College of Science – Campus Police: (701) 671-2233

Richland County Clerk of Court: (701) 642-7818

Richland County Sheriff’s Office: (701) 642-7711

Non Emergency Dispatch: (701) 642-7777

Richland County State’s Attorney: (701) 642-7766

Wahpeton Judge/Clerk of Court: (701) 591-2112

Wahpeton City Hall: (701) 642-8448

Wahpeton Police Department: (701) 642-7722

Non Emergency Dispatch: (701) 642-7777

Anonymous Crime Tip Line: (Leave a Message) (701) 642-7878