Capital Improvements Plan

 What is a Capital Improvements Plan?
A Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) contains all of a local government’s individual capital projects, equipment purchases, and major studies; in conjunction with construction and completion scheduled and in consort with financing plans. The plan provides a working blueprint for sustaining and improving our community’s infrastructure and service delivery equipment.

What are the benefits of developing a Capital Improvements Plan?
1.Synchronizes capital and operating budgets
2.Systematically evaluates competing demands for resources based on a prioritization matrix reflecting the city’s long term goals and objectives
3.Identifies, prioritizes, and optimizes capital project financing:

  •   Pay-as-you-go
  •   Federal, state & private grants
  •   Debt financing (special assessments)

4. Links strategic and comprehensive plans with fiscal capacity
5. Informs the public about the city’s investment in infrastructure

The City Council may amend or revise the plan as needed, as it's intended as a strategic planning tool and will adapt to public service delivery priorities and resource availability. Please send comments or inquiries to