Council Meeting

April 21st, 2008



Council Members Present: Mayor Sturdevant: Councilmember’s Beyer, Hansey, Wateland, Mitskog, DeVries, Schmidt, Tollefson and Bohn. 

Council Members Absent:

Staff Present:  Kessel, Lies, Nelson, Priebe, Huwe, Broadland, MacIver, Thorsteinson.

Others Present: Burchill and Appell.


Mayor Sturdevant called the meeting to order.  5:03pm


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Beyer to approve the April 7th, 2008 Council Minutes.  Motion carried.



Tonight is the public hearing for the Community Development (CDLF) funds for ComDel Innvoation, Inc. 


Kessel stated that there have been no written or oral comments regarding the CDLF funds and all of the publishing requirements have been met.   


Priebe distributed a summary sheet provided by Tracey Anderson of Lake Agassiz Regional Development Council. 


CDLF funds will be employed as part of a financing package that will enable ComDel Innovation Inc. to pursue new contracts and ultimately create and retain jobs in Wahpeton, approaching 34 for the initiatives that this funding will help support. 


Grant funds will act as an incentive and help the company attain contracts. 


Specific loan terms will be determined during the application process. 


Goal for submittal of application is May 2nd, 2008.


The total assistance provided will be $500,000 which is a mix of grants and loans.  There are no funds coming from the City of Wahpeton but rather a local governmental unit must sponsor the CDLF application. 


No further action is required.



The first quarter visitor’s committee report was distributed.  To date the lodging receipts are up 63% over last year.  At the ND tourism conference Diekman was selected for the ND Tourism Department “Front Line Employee of the Year Award”, presented by Governor John Hoeven and ND Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman.  Diekman, who has been a Chahinkapa Zoo Director for 14 years, was honored for her friendly personality to zoo visitors and partners, in addition to numerous successes at Chahinkapa Zoo which annually attracts over 40,000 visitors.


Motion by Beyer, seconded by Hansey to approve the first quarter visitor’s committee report as presented.  Motion carried 8-0.   



City Coordinator Kessel – Kessel stated that there is one site authorization to approve this evening. 


Councilmember Bohn offered the following and moved its adoption:

Wahpeton Eagles Club

The motion for the adoption of the foregoing Resolution was duly seconded by Councilmember Tollefson, Motion Passed 8-0.


Waste Management notified the city staff that Spring Cleanup week will be held May 12-16th. Items will be picked up on resident’s regular trash day.  All items are to be placed on the curb in bags or boxes.  They will not accept paint unless the lid is removed and the paint has dried.  NO batteries or chemicals of any kind will be accepted. 


Bohn asked if there is a list of items available to the public that state what is accepted and not accepted. 


Kessel explained that Waste Management will be publishing it in the Daily News. 


Mitskog requested information on the proper disposal of florescent bulbs.


Kessel stated that he would ask for that information.


We recently received the Governors notice of CDBG funding for the Community Center.  Paperwork has been turned in and we are waiting for approval to spend $12,500 on handicap accessibility improvements.


Rich Hauck has turned in his resignation for the Library Board.  If anyone is interested in filling that position please contact Librarian MacIver or Coordinator Kessel. 


ASSESSOR BROADLAND – Equalization will be continued on May 5th.  If there are any questions contact the assessing office.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR PRIEBE – Priebe reviewed her activity report.  She recently visited the newly renovated Three Rivers Gymnastics building and is thrilled to report that the majority of the project is complete.  Parking lot renovations are still needed and will be completed in the near future.  The financial support granted from the City Council is greatly appreciated and they feel that they can provide better service with the updates.    


Priebe attended the Annual Dreams Auction at the Blikre Activities Center.  There were a total of 903 tickets sold with 803 people attending.  The benefit received over $86,000 worth of donated items for the auction and during the live auction roughly 93% of the total worth of the donations was received.  It was a worthwhile event and will benefit many people.  A fun tidbit is 185 pounds of bacon was served that night. 


POLICE CHIEF THORSTEINSON – Thorsteinson received a request from the Chahinkapa Zoo Association to hold a parade on Dakota Avenue Saturday June 7th at 10am for Blue Goose Day.  This event is held every year and Thorsteinson has no problem with providing police officers. 


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Wateland to approve the parade as requested by Chahinkapa Zoo.  Motion carried 8-0.


Thorsteinson has also received a request from the Wahpeton/Breckenridge Chamber to hold Crazy Daze on Wednesday, July 16th from 7am -7pm with a side walk sale on July 17th from 8am-8pm.  They have requested that a portion of Dakota Avenue be closed for the event but they will leave enough access for emergency vehicles. 


Motion by Hansey, seconded by DeVries to approve the request to hold Crazy Daze as presented.  Motion carried 8-0.  


Kirk Peterson from the Firehouse Pub has requested to hold a dance in their back parking lot and alley behind the facility on July 26th, 2008.  This dance would be held in conjunction with a motorcycle run which will benefit Iron Brotherhood “Tour of Duty”.  Thorsteinson has spoke with Peterson about what would be required per our ordinances to hold this event including when the event will be shut down and the noise restrictions. 


Motion by Mitskog, seconded by Wateland to approve the request by Kirk Peterson to hold a street dance in the back parking lot and alley of the Firehouse Pub to benefit Iron Brotherhood “Tour of Duty” on July 26th.  Motion carried 8-0. 



Finance Committee – No report.


Public Works Committee – The Public Works/Safety Committee reviewed the Golf Boards request to purchase kitchen equipment from the Clubhouse maintenance fund.  There was a unanimous recommendation to purchase kitchen equipment from an outside source with an up to amount of $4,000. 


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Wateland to approve up to $4,000 from the Clubhouse Maintenance fund for the purchase of kitchen equipment from an outside source.  Motion carried 8-0.



Vector control operations for 2008 were discussed.  Schmidt and Hansey volunteered to sit on the vector control committee for district #5.  This is a county appointment and therefore no action is required from the City Council. 


Nelson presented a lease/purchase versus outsourcing scenario for a street sweeper.  After a lengthy discussion Hansey stated that the main reason he supported leasing to purchase a street sweeper versus outsourcing was due to the large amount of work that would need to be done in the upcoming years with our downtown revitalization and street improvement projects. 


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Schmidt to recommend the leasing of a new street sweeper for a five year term.  The sweeper would be purchased from Sanitation Products (Fargo, ND) under existing MN State contract S-646(5) for $127,379 with trade-in and waive advertisement for bids.  Motion carried 8-0.


Nelson stated that the sweeping typically occurs from April to October but can be extended depending on need and weather.  The last two years we have averaged 342 hours per year.  It takes approximately 40 hours to sweep the city one time; we conduct roughly 10 sweeps per year for a total of 400 hours.  Nelson stated that there is no policy that governs when the sweeper is to be used. 


Nelson distributed handout showing the comparison. 


Beyer asked if this fits into what was planned for the capital improvements budget.    


Huwe stated that it is less than was budgeted in capital improvements budget. 


Sturdevant asked if Nelson is confident that the bid that was received is still current. 


Nelson believes so.


Motion carried 8-0. 


Councilmember Bohn offered second reading of the following Ordinance and moved for adoption:        



The motion for the adoption of the foregoing Ordinance was duly seconded by Councilmember Tollefson, and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Beyer, Hansey, Wateland, Mitskog, DeVries, Schmidt, Tollefson and Bohn; and the following voted against the same:  None.  Whereupon said Ordinance was declared duly passed and adopted, was signed by the Mayor, and attested to by the City Auditor.



Kessel stated that the Planning Commission met and he has a report and request from that meeting.


A request for rezoning has been received from West Aide Commons Association.  They are going through the re-plating procedure.  The area being discussed is between 17th Avenue North and 16th Avenue North.  Currently it is zoned B3 the request is to rezone it to B2.  B3 zoning requires 40,000 sq foot per parcel and there is not enough space to meet that requirement.  B2 zoning is similar but has a lower sq footage requirement per parcel.  This proposed zoning would maintain the business/retail nature established in that area.  The council must set a joint hearing for May 5th to hear more about this request. 


Motion by Beyer, seconded by Hansey to set the hearing for May 5th, 2008.  Motion carried .


  1. Airport Authority minutes from April 9th meeting.
  2. Library Board minutes March 11th, 2008.
  3. Mutual of America Annual Report.
  4. 1st Quarter 2008 Visitors Committee Report.
  5. 2007 ND Community Foundation Annual Report.
  6. ND State Board of Higher Ed “Update” newsletter.

Motion by Bohn seconded by Tollefson to approve the reports sent in the mail and in the correspondence book.  Motion carried 8-0.  


BILLS – General fund 233734.33, Water Operating 90404.60, sanitary sewer operating 32709.10, waste removal operating 18043.30, vector control 596.58, street lighting 7331.59, armory operating 666.15, library levy 14112.02, advertising levy 4845.04, airport 4 mill levy 449.96, plan commission levy 2726.84, social security levy 22151.20, retirement fund 17937.90, annual reserve wh -3196.68, Capital Improve Fund 83691.59, Real Estate Levy 663.66, snow/flood emerg levy 3015.91, Levee Maint 3967.49, Ambulance Levy 2083.33, Meter Deposits Trust 8.06, Ec Dev Dept 16482.99, Misc Fund 140.80, Tax Increment Fund 1250, Weed Maint Levy 3193.38, Lodging Tax 491.82, Sales Tax Operating 14166.67, Sales Tax RSRV 82350.73, Sales Tax Mini Match RSRV 500, Revolving loan 368152, Handicap Parking Fees 100, Gasoline, Oil, etc 9283.37, CERT 289, R/I#9395 375, ½ sales tax fund $12445.84, 5-2-97 (Flood Phase II) $11990.99.  Motion by Tollefson, seconded by Mitskog to approve the disbursement of bills in the amount of $1,057,154.56.  Motion carried 8-0.



The following Committee meetings were then scheduled:

* FINANCE & PERSONNEL             April 28th, Noon

* PUBLIC WORKS                                         April 29th, Noon

* FLOOD                                                        April 22nd, Noon        

* VECTOR CONTROL                                                                      


Motion by Mitskog, seconded by Wateland to adjourn. 




Mayor Sturdevant




Tracy Burchill, City Coordinators Assistant - Minutes respectfully submitted by tpb.