Special City Council Meeting

Tuesday June 24, 2008



Council Members Present: Mayor Sturdevant; Council members Hansey, Bohn, Mitskog, DeVries, and Schmidt.

Council Members Absent: Tollefson, Wateland and Beyer.

Staff Present: Attorney Lies, Public Works Director Nelson, Finance Director Huwe, Economic Development Director Priebe, and Assessor Broadland.

Others Present: Finance Assistant Appell and City Coordinator Assistant Burchill.


Mayor Sturdevant called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.



Randy Nelson First item is a request for preliminary and final plat approval for Wolfgram Addition. The staff report and exhibit map was distributed. Nelson reviewed any suggested revisions by staff since the Planning Commission Meeting. The property proposed for replatting is located in the Oakwood Subdivision and is bounded on the south by North Meadows 2nd Addition, on the east by Morris 2nd Addition and Morris 3rd Addition, on the north and west by Lots 4-11, Block 2. The property has approximately 100 ft of frontage on the two legs of a 90 degree curve on 15th St. N. The proposed plan is to create two new lots where one currently exists to accommodate a twin home


Recommended Stipulations of Approval:

  1. Minimum setbacks recommended that ordinances are met. Currently the plan provides a lot size that meets setback ordinances. No variance needed for set backs.
  2. Issuance of a permit for the proposed lots. In order to obtain that the subdivider shall complete the following improvements.
    1. A standard reinforced concrete driveway approach with maximum width of 24 feet minimum on 15th Street N;
    2. A paved road with min 20 ft width from 15th St N to the north lot line of proposed Lot 2;
    3. Locations and dimensions of driveways for proposed Lots 2 & 3 to verify sufficient space for parking in front of garages without impeding traffic on the road.
  3. Prior to a permit being issued for structures on proposed Lots 2 and 3, the developer obtains approval of the Preliminary Plat by the City Council.

Prior to approval of the Final Plat by the City Council the sub divider completes construction of the driveway approach and paving of the access road. The structure would be served from an access easement with a private road. The road will be maintained by the property owners. The Planning Commission voted to permit a gravel road instead of complying with city ordinances and requiring a paved road.


After the preliminary plat is approved the developer can apply for a bldg permit. Final approval is given when all stipulations are met. Gravel/paved road, standard driveway approach on 15th street to road and the developer must provide the city staff a copy of the road maintenance agreement. Once the staff has agreed to the road maintenance agreement the developer must record it with the county. If all of those stipulations are met, the city staff has granted their approval of the project. The Planning Commission recommended approving the preliminary plat with the gravel road.


Mitskog questioned the resurfacing of the access road. With multiple homes utilizing that road, she is questioning why they have not been contacted for their input. Mitskog spoke to other property owners in that area and was informed that one owner has been taking care of the access point until now and she said that he explained he has been in the dark as to what is happening with this proposed development.


Nelson explained that the city staff is trying to foresee and prevent future problems for this proposed subdivision since it does not follow our ordinances.


Wolfgram said that he has spoke with the property owners and they are interested in paving the road. Currently that development does not have water and sewer but they would like to pursue bringing that in before being required to pave the road. He stated that they would be forced to tear up the road to bring the underground infrastructure to the homes so they would be tearing up the road at that time. Wolfgram also wanted to state that there will only be one twin home and not two as he originally planned.


Mitskog asked if there are ordinances mandating the type of surface required for homes in Wahpeton.


Nelson said yes but asked if the council feels this is a road or driveway. Driveways are required to have the first 50 feet paved and ordinance states that all streets are to be paved.


Lies stated that a public hearing is not required when there is a request to approve a preliminary plat. The council can decide to have further discussion and not make approvals tonight if they wish.


When Lies was asked if they could create a binding agreement stating that there cannot be any further development he said no. Any further development would need to come to the City Council for further approval. Whom ever is serving on the council that time would make the decision to approve or deny the additional development.


Mitskog asked Hansey for his opinion since he is on the Planning Commission. He believes that by approving this development the way the Planning Commission recommended it can cause us serious ramifications down the road. We are making allowances that do not agree with our ordinances. Unless some type of agreement can be made with a set timeframe Hansey feels the need to be cautious. All of the staff that he has spoke to are opposed to this.


Nelson explained that we are compromising the ordinances by setting precedence. The community develops and thrives by meeting standards. As it pertains to this request, it does not meet the standards set by the council.


Hansey stated that another concern of his is police protection on a privately maintained road. If it is not plowed in the winter or there is extremely wet weather and the road becomes unstable there is a chance that emergency personnel will not have access to those homes.


Sturdevant said that his opinion is that he would like to see more development and people in the community. If the council approves this project with the stipulations we can put some pressure on Mr. Wolfgram to asphalt or pave that road. Right now we do not have any say if he has to or not.


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Mitskog to approve the Planning Commission recommendation for the preliminary plat approval by Brian Wolfgram. Motion carried 4-1. Voting Aye: Mitskog, DeVries, Schmidt and Bohn. Voting nay: Hansey.



The Wahpeton Community Center Board met to review the kitchen equipment bids and make a recommendation to purchase required equipment. Nelson described the recommended equipment and explained that there was funding budgeted for these purchases. The following items were bid: double door fridge, commercial microwave, range, warming cabinet, chest freezer and chest ice maker. Based on the quotes the total cost to purchase the equipment reviewed this evening is roughly $12,900. The WCC Board is asking the council to authorize purchase of that equipment.


Motion by Mitskog, seconded by Hansey to approve the recommendation from the WCC board for the purchase of kitchen equipment described this evening. Motion carried 5-0.


It was also noted that all of the equipment described today will be purchased from local vendors.


Nelson reported that ground spraying for mosquitoes will begin tomorrow evening and continue through mosquito season. There is no set schedule and much of the spraying will depend on the weather.


Being there no further business there was a motion by Mitskog, second by Hansey to adjourn the special council meeting. Motion carried 5-0.






Organizational City Council Meeting

Tuesday June 24, 2008



Council Members Present: Mayor Sturdevant; Council members Bertsch, Hansey, Bohn, Mitskog, DeVries, and Schmidt.

Council Members Absent: Tollefson and Wateland.

Staff Present: Attorney Lies, Public Works Director Nelson, Finance Director Huwe, Economic Development Director Priebe, and Assessor Broadland.

Others Present: Finance Assistant Appell and City Coordinator Assistant Burchill.


Mayor Sturdevant called the meeting to order at 5:45m.



The purpose of this meeting is to swear in the newly elected council members; Renelle Bertsch, Alisa Mitskog and Chris DeVries. Glen Tollefson was also reelected but will be sworn in at the next meeting.


Those present read the oath of office.


Mayor Sturdevant appointed the council members as follows.



Glen Tollefson

Alisa Mitskog

Tiana Bohn

Renelle Bertch



Meryl Hansey

Lane Wateland

Chris DeVries

Marty Schmidt



Mayor Sturdevant

Glen Tollefson

Chris DeVries

Marty Schmidt



Alisa Mitskog

Meryl Hansey



Lane Wateland

Meryl Hansey


Nominations not confirmed by the council but appointed by the Mayor.


The next item on the agenda is to vote and elect a new president and vice president of the council.


DeVries nominated Mitskog for President of the council. After three requests for other nominations the council the council confirmed Mitskog as Council President.


Schmidt nominated Hansey for Vice President of the council. After three requests for other nominations the council confirmed Hansey as Council Vice President.


Motion by Hansey, seconded by Mitskog to adjourn. Motion carried 5-0.