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City of Wahpeton, North Dakota

North Dakota labor costs are among the most competitive in the nation.  Employees here enjoy a "right to work" environment and union membership throughout the state is less than 10%.
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As part of the Southeast Workforce Training Initiative, NDSCS Outreach & Customized Training Services and the Skills and Technology Training Center, have regional and statewide access to the many certified trainers, consultants, and equipment to help you achieve your company's goals.

The built in versatility of both the Skills & Technology Training Center and the Tech Center at NDSCS enhance your opportunities for demonstrations, presentations, and partnership development to compete in today's market.  These flexible spaces can be leased for labs, prototype development, and specific equipment training for a firm or combination of firms. 

In addition to the above training centers, two state-funded training programs are available to companies relocating to the state or local businesses and industries who wish to train existing employees.

WORKFORCE 2000 provides funding assistance to employers for current workers and new employees.  First, companies can access assistance to help upgrade the skills of current workers when new technologies and/or new production work methods are introduced.  Second, it is available to companies that are expanding or locating to the state to help with training new employees. 

Training funded under Workforce 2000 is limited to North Dakota residents who are or will be employed in the state.  Funds are available regardless of the company's size.

Workforce 2000 requires a minimum of paperwork, and provides a good return on the public investment.  Projects must emphasize job skill and basic skill training.

For complete information and application, contact Job Service North Dakota by clicking here: Workforce 2000

NORTH DAKOTA NEW JOBS TRAINING PROGRAM provides incentives to businesses and industries that are creating new employment opportunities through business expansion or relocation to ND.

Under the New Jobs Training Program, the business obtains funds in the form of a loan, a repayable grant, or under a self-financing option.  The loan can be obtained from a commercial lender, local development corporation, Bank of North Dakota, or other qualified lender.  Repayable grants could be issued by the state, a city, or a local development corporation.

The loan or grant, plus interest, is repaid through the capture of the state income tax withholding generated from the permanent, full-time new positions that are created.  Under the self-financing option, 60% of the allowable state income tax withholding can be reimbursed directly to the participating business.  The withholding credit is based on the new position and not individuals in the position.  The new position may have any number of individuals in the position during the life of the program.  State income tax withholding can be captured for up to a ten year period or until the loan is repaid, whichever comes first.

Complete instructions can be found by clicking here:  ND New Jobs Training Program

A recent study of underemployment in North Dakota clearly demonstrates that our potential labor force is not only sizable, but also possesses considerable skills and education, as well as a strong work ethic. Of a potential labor force of 375,000 approximately 236,000 are available for employment opportunities.

Another indicator of workforce availability is evidenced in news articles about companies expanding or relocating to North Dakota. There were 1,700 applicants for 65 lab technician positions at the Wahpeton ProGold/Cargill corn processing plant.

Click here for Wahpeton and Surrounding Area Labor Availabililty Study completed August 2008.

The average annual pay in North Dakota is $19,893. That places North Dakota 49th out of 50 and far below the U.S. average of $26,939. More businesses are now beginning to recognize the value of North Dakota labor. The average annual pay increased 2.6% from 1993 to 1994 and the number of new jobs from 1994 to 1995 grew by 2.4%.

Bottom Line
The state offers access to a multi-million dollar venture capital fund and over 20 other financial assistance programs.  The nation's only state-owned bank, the Bank of North Dakota is fully dedicated to economic development.


Corporate tax rates have not risen since 1983, and companies are eligible for exemption on property, income, and sales and use taxes for all expansions.

A new business with 100 jobs, for example, paying $40,000/year would be eligible for workforce training support approaching $800,000.

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