H.E.L.P. (Housing Entry Level Program)

The Wahpeton HELP Fund offers many attractive features, including down payment and closing financial assistance; low cost, sometimes free, replacement of existing lot water and sewer lines; combination of grant and long term/low interest rate financing on new lot specials; 2 year property tax exemption; and City/Employer cash match grants.

HELP is targeted towards encouraging affordable new housing starts and helping you, the Wahpeton home buyer.
  • Lots/Zoning*
  • New subdivisions with lots zoned as R-1c or
  • Single lot, as approved, or
  • Existing lot in subdivisions platted prior to 1947 or
  • Townhouse/Twin Home lot with single unit ownership and
  • Owner occupied
  • New construction
  • Wahpeton city limits
  • One incentive package per household.

*R-1cZoning provides for a single family dwelling with a maximum main floor living space of 1,100sq.ft., a minimum lot width of 50' and a minimum lot area of 5,000sq.ft.
Direct Cash Matches:
Up to $1,000 grant to you as a local employee ($500 City plus $500 employer) when you purchase a new HELP home.
Ask your Employer
Property Tax Exemptions:
Two-year property tax exemption on the first $75,000 of your home's appraised value, worth approximately $3,500.
Special Assessment Savings:
R-1c Zoning/new lots:
Costs for engineering, bonding, construction interest, etc., will be covered by the City. Balance of assessments will be spread over 25 years at 6% interest.

Existing lots:
The City will replace old water and sewer service lines from the main to the property line for lots platted prior to 1947.
Each approach is worth approximately $2,000 in up front savings.
Zero Interest Loans:
Short term financing is also available:
  • Maximum loan amount -- $5,000
  • Interest Rate - 0%
  • Maximum term - 5 years
  • Combination of first mortgage and the loan cannot exceed 100% of purchase price exclusive of MIP.

    This flexible financing may be used for any combination of these eligible uses:
  • Down Payment
  • Closing costs
  • Demolition