Liquor Licenses

Class A (Liquor Beer and Wine-On and Off Sale)
Number Limited-1 each per 1,800 of population
6 available, all currently in use

Class B (Liquor, Beer, Wine-Off Sale)
1 each per 4,000 of population
2 available, both in use

Class C-1 (Liquor, Beer, Wine-On Sale Restaurant of 150 seats or More)

Class C-2 (Beer, Wine-On Sale Restaurant of 50 Seats or More)

Class C-3 (Liquor, Beer, Wine-On Sale Hotel/Motel of 50 Rooms or More)

Class C-4 (Beer, Wine-On Sale Hotel/Motel of 50 Rooms or More)

Class C-5 (Liquor, Beer, Wine-On Sale Club/Lodge of 200 Members or More)

Class C-6 (On Sale Golf Course of 200 Members or More)  

Class One Cabaret

Class Two Cabaret

Special Event Liquor Permit